Effect of foliar application of glucose and fructose to reduce codling moth (Cydia pomonella [L., 1758]) damages on apple orchard



The apple is a dominant crop in Batna region and codling moth (CM) (Cydia pomonella) pressure is constantly very high. In this study, foliar application of single sugars is proposed as a novel control strategy, in an orchard located in Beni Fedhala (province of Batna-Algeria). The effect of spraying fructose (100 ppm), glucose (100 ppm), and insecticide (Deltamethrin) was tested against CM larval damages on the Royal Gala variety. This research showed that CM own four generations in this region. The spraying of glucose alone, fructose alone strongly reduced the percentage of damaged fruits with a very important value of Abbott’s efficacy. In addition, fructose and insecticide induced a significant decrease in the percentages of fallen and damaged fruits. Besides, the use of fructose, glucose and the insecticide has significantly reduced the number of diapausing larvae in corrugated cardboard banding. Foliar application of sugars is a completely innovative way in the field of plant protection. These results open new crop management methods.


Cydia pomonella, glucose, fructose, Deltamethrin

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14720/aas.2022.118.4.2515


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