Effect of removing the spring flush and irrigation on the reflowering and late ripening of cactus pear Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill.

Mohamed ARBA, Achraf ESSABIRI


The effect of removing the spring flush and three irrigation doses on cactus pear’s reflowering and late ripening were studied. Removing the spring flush (scozzolatura practice) and irrigation have a significant effect (p ≤ 0,05) on the reflowering and late ripening of cactus pear. In not irrigated and not scozzolaturated plants (NINSP), the flowering extended from March 10 to May 25, 2017, and the ripening extended from May 20 to August 15, 2017. Whereas, in irrigated and scozzolaturated plants (ISP) the reflowering extended from June 15 to August 24, 2017, and the ripening extended from July 21 to November 20, 2017. The number of growths was higher in ISP (92-103 per plant) than in NINSP (81 per plant). Fruit yield was higher in NINSP (56.2 t ha-1) than in ISP (26.2-36.5 t ha-1), but fruit mass (123-131 g) and fruit length (7.83-7.92 cm) were higher in ISP than in NINSP (fruit mass: 103 g and fruit length: 7.72 cm). The rate of juice in fruits was also higher in ISP (49-55 %) than in NINSP (43 %), and the content of sugars was higher in NINSP (15.20 °Brix) than in ISP (13.83-14.56 °Brix).


Opuntia ficus-indica; cactus pear, scozzolatura; flowering; ripening; fruit yield, fruit quality

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