Autografted vines of cultivar ‘Refošk’ (Vitis vinifera L.) reveal symptoms of the rugose wood disease



Rugose wood disease complex is one of the most important graft-transmissible grapevine diseases and it is considered to be a viral disease. With the aim to obtain more information about appearance of rugose wood disease observed on cultivar ‘Refošk’, ‘Refošk’ vines from collection vineyard in Komen were used for green grafting on SO4 rootstock and autografts for control were made as well. Rugose wood symptoms were observed on grafts of two ‘Refošk’ biotypes, which confirmed graft transmissibility. Appearance of rugose wood symptoms on autografts excluded the impact of incompatibility in rugose wood disease, but at the same time it could be proposed that stress caused by grafting has an important role.


vitis vinifera; grapevines; land varieties; plant diseases; viroses; grafting; disease transmission; stress

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