Activity of Vienna Terezianum and Theodor Kravina on the field of economics and agronomy



Theodor Kravina von Kronstein (1720-1789) was born in Slovenska Bistrica. As jesuit he became prefect and later rector of Vienna Military Academy, later general Academy Theresianum. The contribution deals with his work entitled Entwurf der oekonomischen Kenntnisse, published in 1773 representing systematic outline of economic sciences, tought at Theresianumu. It was predominantly about practical expertises in knowing the soil, plants, minerals and raw materials and techniques of their processing into final products. In this published monography Kravina described also the »Economic garden«, school agricultural enterprise and mineral collections, which all improved significantly under his leadership the quality of schooling process.


agricultural economics; Slovenia; historical outline


Andrej SUŠJAN, Stanislav JUŽNIČ (2019). Theodor Kravina von Kronstein in njegov Oris ekonomskih znanj. Zgodovinski časopi,73, 34 / 160 , 346 – 365.



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