First report of an invasive pest, Phyllonorycter populifoliella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) from Ladakh

Barkat HUSSAIN, Abdul Rasheed Rasheed WAR, Ejaz Ahmad KANDOO


Phyllonorycter populifoliella (Treitschke 1883), is an invasive pest and is first reported on poplar trees, from the eastern region of Ladakh, India. The details of the taxonomic identification based on genital morphology are presented. Besides, host range, feeding habits and level of infestation in different hamlets of Ladakh are also presented. This study is important for further understanding the pest biology, its diversity and management by adopting control strategies. It is also important to restrict its dispersal to other states of the Indian union and to devise pest management strategies for this pest.



Ladakh; Phyllonorycter populifoliella; poplar; invasive pest

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