Agroecological zones influence maize infestation and damage severity by the fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda [J. E. Smith, 1797]) in southwestern Nigeria

Olusegun Adebayo OJUMOOLA, Adebayo Amos OMOLOYE


The fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) is an invasive and highly destructive insect pest that has caused extensive damage to maize in Africa since its first report on the continent in 2016. Information on fall armyworm infestation and damage within African agroecologies is essential for the development of appropriate pest management strategies, but these are scant in Nigeria. Consequently, in this study, fall armyworm infestation levels and severity of damage to maize in the three major maize-growing agro-ecological zones (humid forest, derived savanna, and southern guinea savanna) of southwestern Nigeria was investigated using standard field sampling protocols. Results showed that maize infestation and damage severity varied across agroecological zones, with the humid forest being the most impacted. Information provided will enhance decision-making for effective management of the fall armyworm in southwestern Nigeria.


agroecology; foliar damage; larval infestation; Spodoptera frugiperda; farm sampling; humid forest; derived savanna; guinea savanna

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