Bivariate analysis of the genetic variability among some accessions of African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa (Hochst ex A. Rich)Harms)

Solomon Tayo AKINYOSOYE, Johnson Adedayo ADETUMBI, Oluwafemi Daniel AMUSA, Adeola AGBELEYE, Folake ANJORIN, Mercy Oluremi OLOWOLAFE, Taiwo OMODELE


Variability is an important factor to consider in crop improvement programmes. This study was conducted in two years to assess genetic variability and determine relationship between seed yield, its components and tuber production characters among twelve accessions of African yam bean. Data collected were subjected to combined analysis of variance (ANOVA), Principal Component Analysis (PCA), hierarchical and K-means clustering analyses. Results obtained revealed that genotype by year (G × Y) interaction had significant effects on some of variables measured (days to first flowering, days to 50 % flowering, number of pod per plant, pod length, seed yield and tuber yield per plant) in this study.The first five principal components (PC) with Eigen values greater than 1.0 accounted for about 66.70 % of the total variation, where PC1 and PC 2 accounted for 39.48 % of variation and were associated with seed and tuber yield variables. Three heterotic groups were clearly delineated among genotypes with accessions AY03 and AY10 identified for high seed yield and tuber yield respectively. Non-significant relationship that existed between tuber and seed yield per plant of these accessions was recommended for further test in various agro-ecologies for their suitability, adaptability and possible exploitation of heterosis to further improve the accessions.


African yam bean; morpho-agronomic characters; Pearson’s correlation; principal component analysis

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