Comparison of shoot and root regeneration of miniature potted rose (Rosa x hybrida L.) and Damask rose (R. damascena Mill.) in microculture system

Farkhondeh REZANEJAD, Somayeh ABDIRAD, Moslem ABARIAN


Miniature potted rose and Damask rose are important commercial plant cultivars in ornamental horticulture. Root suckers are common rose propagation method, but it is slow and seasonally dependent. In this survey, the propagation of nodal explants of these two species was studied through in vitro regeneration system. 16 and 24 different media were used for study of shoot and root regeneration respectively. The axillary buds were sprouted earlier in miniature rose than R. damascena. Shoot induction and proliferation (shoot ramification and growth) were observed 5 and 17 days after planting in miniature rose and 16 and 38 days in R. damascena respectively. The highest shoot proliferation obtained in media 3 and 7 in miniature rose, and medium 16 for R. damascena. These three media were recorded as optimal media with 100 % shoot proliferation. In these media, root initiation and growth of miniature rose (respectively after 78 and 92 days) was earlier than Damask rose (respectively 125 and 138 days). The successful rooting occurred in three and two media for miniature and Damask rose respectively. Rooting frequency was higher in the half strength MS liquid media than the others. Thus, cultivar potted rose as a modern species is propagated easier than old rose (R. damascena).


micropropagation; proliferation; rooting rate

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